• ** Matsunoyama Onsen Festi-BAR **

    Matsunoyama Onsen × Bunkyo Uni, Ikado-Seminar Collaboration Plannnig

  • About Matsunoyama Hot spring

    We always strive for the best.

    * About Matsunoyama Onsen


    It is called one of the medicinal bath in Japan. Such as Kusatsu Onsen and Arima Onsen.

    There are public Onsen “Takanoyu” (Bathing fee 400 yen) and a few of the inn.


    It is located heavy snow area. There is a ski resort near the Matsunoyama Onsen.

    It is famous for beautiful nature for example beech forest, called “Bijin Bayashi” and Terraced rice fields.


    Do you know “Mukonage”, “Suminuri”?

    There are held in *Lunar New Year. “Mukonage” is groom are thrown from cliff! Don’t worry, it is safety because of heavy snow.

    Next “Suminuri” is we are suddenly painted face with coal. But it is not harassment. It is festival to pray good health of the year.

    *Lunar New Year is January 14th~16th.

    * What is “Festi-BAR”?


    It is collaboration event which planed by inns, restaurants and IKADO Seminar students!!


    We got good reputation last year. So we decided to hold “Festi-BAR” again!  Thank you!!

    “Festi-BAR” which is coined from the festival and the Spanish BAR.

    * Holding Period・Place


    Holding Period:2016/2/11(THU)~2016/2/13(SAT)

    3 consecutive nights ‼

    Start :18:00 ~ 

    Place:NIIGATA Prefecture,TOKAMACHI City,Matsunoyama (Matsunoyama-Onsen)


  • Stay Plan & Ticket


    ▽ Stay Plan ▽


    Each Inn

    One night with breakfast + BAR ticket

    *There are not prepared dinner so please come to “Festi-BAR”!!



    ▽ About Tickets & Systems ▽


    Per ticket you can get one food and drink in one restaurant.


    Incidentally, you can choose restaurant where you want to go.


    ○4 tickets \2,000 (In tax)

    ○7 tickets \3,000 (In tax)


    <expiration date 2016/2/11~2016/2/13>


    Please purchase in  "e+" !!

    ⇓ ⇓ ⇓



    Festival Place MAP

  • Matsunoyama Onsen LLC "MANMA"

  • Contact Us !!





  • Access

    From TOKYO to Matsunoyama



    TOKYO Station → ECHIGOYUZAWA Station → MATSUDAI Station

            Transfer Information Site http://www.jorudan.co.jp/english/


    ex)From TOKYO Station to ECHIGOYUZAWA Station( About 80 minutes )

            ↓Max Toki No.343    Departs 14:32
            ↓            Arrives 15:56

     From ECHIGOYUZAWA Station to MUIKAMACHI Station ( About 16 minutes )

            ↓Joetsu Line      Departs 16:14

            ↓            Arrives 16:37

     From MUIKAMACHI Station to MATSUDAI Station ( About 25 minutes )

            ↓Hokuhoku Line   Departs 16:41

                        Arrives 17:05

    From MATSUDAI Station to MATSUNOYAMA Onsen Street ( About 15 minutes by bus )


    *We pick up you from MATSUDAI Station.


    《 The person who uses the Joetsu Shinkansen 》

    ECHIGOYUZAWA Station → HOKU-HOKU Line(Hokuetsu Express) MATSUDAI Station Alighting 、About 15 minutes by car


    《 CAR ACCESS 》


    ▶SIOZAWA・ISIUCHO I.C→R353 via( About 60 minutes )

    ▶ECHIGOKAWAGUTII I.C→R117・R253via( About 60 minutes )



    ▷JO-ETSU I.C→R253via( About 60 minutes )



    ▶TOYOTA・IIYAMA I.C→R117・R353via( About60minutes )


    ※Since Matsunoyama is heavy snowfall with snow every year 3 ~ 4m, come when the transportation, please enough attention to your feet.


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